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An Observable Collection is a dynamic collection of objects of a given type.

Dynamically Updating Items is Problematic Ideally, applying a sort order to a Collection View would result in a grouped and sorted view of the collection that is fully maintained even when items within the collection are changed.

When an object is added to or removed from an observable collection, the UI is automatically updated.

This happens because, when binding to an observable collection, WPF automatically adds Observable Collection is already bind to Listview.

We develop applications on all platforms, Windows, web and mobile or Tablets.

Every platform control, action or behavior is nearly the same. When designing XAML I consider customizing the controls, in other words a developer can customize a control based on his business or user requirements. Obviously this concept comes from Windows application custom controls and web applications, before WPF or XAML we also customized our controls but not a flexibly as with WPF or XAML because we did not use any markup for customization.

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