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Soon after photos of the two caught kissing went public, Sanders issued a public apology to his wife of 11 years and their two young children.

Related: Director Rupert Sanders Talks KStew Affair A source close to Stella tells Exciting!Primarily a Piccolo x Gohan/Gohan x Piccolo romance/adventure story; this story begins approximately a year post Majin Buu.Many other Dragon Ball/Z characters and relationships will be touched upon throughout.Taylor Swift managed to keep her latest romance a secret for THREE MONTHS, which, epic job on her part. Related: Taylor Makes A Fan's Grad Party Day With Handwritten Card & Flowers! Here are three fast facts about Tay's new man: Taking the next step! ) But now that the cat is out of the bag, you can't expect us to NOT find out everything we can about this little kitty!

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