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I don't remember his friend's name, the one I did meet, the one in the picture. I do remember him telling me - in Arabic with the help of a translator - that one of the reasons he left the Communist Party is because the party was too cozy with the Syrian Baath.

Learn how to make a great first impression as well as the best way to find your soul mate.They are clearly at the top of the Syrian hit list right now. The Syrians are also carrying out assassinations in Syria.Tyrannical goevernments don't just fold up their tents and go away.As we observe a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina, we pledge our support for those who have been injured and for the communities that are struggling to rebuild. The information will not be released to anyone under any circumstances. We offer thanks to God for the goodness and generosity of so many Americans who have come together to provide relief and bring hope to fellow citizens in need.

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