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Decorative Jewelry Findings: The component parts or materials used in making jewelry that provides the beauty of the piece.

In handmade jewelry these are the parts that are normally produced by the goldsmith or silversmith.

providing an illustration and a description for each style of jewellery chain.

The aim being to differentiate between the various jewellery chains available, so that decisions can be made quickly when using or buying jewellery making chain.

All Hallmark questions will be answered as soon as possible. If you feel like replying to any of the questions, please join in. I think I have a genuine 14K Puffed Mariner / Gucci Link Chain (mayby) ??? Golden ring, 22.6 carat and rock crystal - hallmark VS. I made sure it was real diamonds by going to the jewelers. It is marked with 750 and under it is a k inside a circle. shape of 2 diamonds followed by a C on Gold Plated Necklace we have a necklace that is gold plated, .925..makers mark is 2 diamond shapes side by side, followed by the capital letter C. I have a ring that was given to me with the following markings inside. Antique ladies wristwatch, diamond, 'Platine' with a goat(? I recently acquired an antique pocketwatch (Swiss movement), with a gold or gold-filled case whose markings I have not been able to identify. Identifying possible French gold hallmark and maker's mark on a ring These are photos of a gold ring showing what appears to be a hallmark of an Eagle's Head in one photo, and in the other photo, a possible maker's mark … | Gold Ring I have an old 18K White Gold Ring left to me by a Great Great Aunt. I think that the 750 means 18 kt but would you know … J, 9, .375, anchor (side), letter 'i' I have a cigarette holder made of bone or plastic and the top looks more like a copper colour than gold. White Gold or Silver ring marked "DB" Hi, I have a vintage diamond and white gold or silver ring that is marked "DB".Quality you can feel is probably the best way to describe this over sized sterling silver bracelet.Weighing in at a hefty 71.2 grams of 925 sterling silver it comes as no surprise that the bracelet is Italian made.It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than to be soldered to it so that the pendant is not permanently part of the chain.Photo and additional information.: a non-flexible or barely flexible (some flex cross-wise but not around the circumference) bracelet made of solid or hollow metal, or wire. Any small or rounded component, made from a variety of materials, with a hole through it; to be strung singularly or with others in a sequence. A concave metal piece, attached to a metal loop, used to attach thread to a clasp. Bezel: Generally, a type of setting into which a continuous groove has been cut to fit a faceted stone.

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Examples of hybrid jewelry findings include Bead Caps, Bracelet Links, and Locket Bails.

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