Black actress dating white actor

The Oscars' lack of diversity has reared its ugly head for the second straight year, despite a breadth of roles to choose from in 2015.

With no minority actors nominated in any of the acting categories, critics are recycling last year's #Oscars So White hashtag, and celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith have even called for a boycott. Still, the number of wins by minority actors is low compared to white actors; in the Oscars' 87-year history, only seven black actresses have won an Oscar.

If the Academy handed out Oscars for most gorgeous couple in the business, I’m sure these two could nab a nomination!

Could this gorgeous German supermodel and her handsome boyfriend Steven (a fashion photographer) make interracial dating between Asian men/non-Asian women a little more “en vogue”?

16, 2016 A previous version of this story reported that Mark Ruffalo called for a boycott of the Oscars.

Though Ruffalo considered boycotting the event, he did not call for a boycott.

Some people make a big fuzz out when a famous white celebrity is romantically link to black celebrities. As the Academy is just recovering from its #Oscars So White fiasco, stemming from its all-white acting nominees, the Tony Awards set a new benchmark in diversity, thanks in large part to big winner “Hamilton.” The show saw all four musical acting awards (lead actor, lead actress, featured actor and featured actress) go to black actors for the first time of the ceremony’s history.Three of those awards went to Broadway hit “Hamilton,” which has been heralded specifically for its diverse cast: Leslie Odom, Jr.Every week, the entertainment mags churn out list after list of swoon-worthy celebrity and Hollywood couples.But these couples are almost always white…and I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I’ve seen a single couple of Asian men and non-Asian women on their lists.

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