Alison mosshart and jack white dating

It's no surprise to hear she initially found the experience daunting. For Jack to be behind me on a drum kit when I'm so used to watching him just absolutely rip it up in the front where he belongs," she says.

"That was a lot of pressure and a huge learning curve for me, to have to own it with that guy sitting behind me.

On stage their sexual chemistry is mind-blowing, off stage they bought a house then he married a supermodel and she was the ‘best man’; Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are the most beguiling duo in rock. They have been a duo for more than a decade, producing four albums — including one called .

Hermione Eyre meets The Kills Early morning and The Kills are draped across their chairs like recently dis-interred corpses, cringing at the daylight. She’s 33, comes from Florida, and gives off shy, angry vibes, frequently messing up her hair so it hides her face. She flinches when four plates of fruit are put down on a table next to her.

"Ian Svenonius [frontman of Nation of Ulysses] was another one, who danced like he was in a disco-funk band, but to punk music.

But I didn’t see him for a month at a time or two months at a time. They love touring, and have huge stamina for it, sitting on pavements drinking gin, getting tattoos, playing pool, rocking out small-capacity dives and constantly pulling poses (now published as a book by photographer Kenneth Cappello called ).They have a committed cult following, though album sales peaked at 40 in the charts; Samantha Morton directed their last video, and Jack White recruited Alison to join his part-time band The Dead Weather.One of Henry Wagons' favourite front people is Alison Mosshart, who sings in both The Kills and The Dead Weather.Mosshart joined Wagons for a chat about being a front person, revealing that it took some time for her to work up the courage to put on a show.

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