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A beginner’s guide to BDSM Munches, by Jay Wiseman What’s a Munch? This is why we tell you to go to munches & events, written by and shared with permission of Advice for Your First Munch, written by and shared with permission of Secret Smile101 So you’re new at a munch?

I bet you’re thinking…, by Thoughtsof You Why Everyone Says Come Out to a Munch to Newcomers, by Lily White1 Getting into your local scene, by roo_roo Tyler’s Practical Guide to Munches & Public Parties, shared with permission of and written by Dame Tyler Munch Technique, shared with permission of and written by Malbon History of the Munch…In the Beginning, shared with permission of and written by i999shadow How to host a munch, shared with permission of and written by i999shadow.

The Homophobia Myth We Must Continue to Oppose BCTF Promotion of "Gay-Straight Alliances" Recommendation 39 Passed by BCTF What Teacher Did Not Tell Teachers About the BCTF AGM "Moving Beyond Silence . View a powerful video in which Sean Murphy defends the rights of parents and explains how the signing of the Corren Agreement violated those rights, and why all those who respect those rights should be concerned.

Local Teachers' Union Publication What You Can Do to Help Stop the Proposed Pro-Homosexuality Programs Students Given Graphic Instruction in Homosexual Sex Questions That Proponents of GSAs Need to Be Asked " Challenging Homophobia in Schools: A Critical Review As the government of British Columbia in the fall of 2011 negotiates with teachers, will they give consideration to the rights of parents or only to monetary issues?

, by caryl Differences between munches, from a discussion on Novices & Newbies, post by Bad Mouse M It’s your first munch, eh?

" [news release from Culture Guard, September 12th, 2011] Teacher of the Year Suspended for Facebook Comment Against Same-Sex Marriage ACLU Granted Access to Catholic Charities Lawsuit, Represents Lesbian Couple. Without pressure, there is a good chance that the rights of parents will be ignored, if the government's actions in signing the Corren Agreement are its precedent.

BDSM101– Collection of writings and articles about those looking to get involved in kink..

BDSM Terms Cowhideman’s Writings Index – Well thought advice by Cowhideman, Owner of Fet Life’s Novices & Newbies group.

Sean Murphy is associated with the Catholic Civil Rights League, but what he has to say in this video should be heard far beyond the Roman Catholic community.(British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life is not affiliated with any denomination or faith group, but is committed to the defence of parental. Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This week marks 30 years since the first report of a mysterious and deadly new syndrome that would come to be known as AIDS was published in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

rights to bring up their children, and has stood up for the rights of those parents whose concern it is to pass on those traditional and universal values which have been foundational to our society.) What responsibility will be borne by those who normalize a culture in which a dangerous practices are widespread? At the time, no one could have predicted the enormous toll the disease would takeclaiming the lives of more than 500,000 Americans and many millions worldwide.

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