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I started by sitting down for a few hours and dumping what content was worth keeping from the old site.

My old key was made twelve years ago and was too weak. You can find my new public key on key servers or on my contact page. )As a programmer and as a researcher in the software field, I've always been interested in trying to understand why a program or a system is well designed, fits its intended use, is maintainable, is scalable, etc. I tried to summarize what I found so far in a very small (two pages long) "Little Guide on Software Engineering": 11 rules of decreasing importance with some references for further digging. All those rules are found here and there in good books of Software Engineering.

Omdat de wachtwoorden onversleuteld zijn, wist Krebs een analyse te maken van de meestgebruikte wachtwoorden.

Het populairste wachtwoord blijkt '123456' te zijn, gevolgd door '111111' en '123456789'.

Numbers which are all over the place and often horribly formatted.

To provide an insight into the open source software that is available, we have compiled a list of five notable disk encryption tools.

In a month where pleasingly many things got crossed off my long-term To Do list, the St Columba’s website was happily no exception.

Like so many church and charity websites I’ve run over the years (the eight years since I was sixteen, in fact!

), it was a pile of static content which meant I was stuck maintaining it and those producing the content couldn’t easily chip in. I could spend several weekends hacking together a CMS in Django – actually, no I couldn’t, on the evidence of failing to have found time for that in three years – or I could use somebody else’s second-rate pile of PHP.

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