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The Kennedy heiress was sleeping with her husband’s lead campaign strategist well before Schwarzenegger’s old affair with their housekeeper came to light, campaign staffers and other sources told The Post.

And after years of playing the betrayed wife, Shriver, 58, recently trotted out her longtime lover, Matthew Dowd, 53, as if he were a new fling, sources said.

“The [idea] that they started dating recently is ridiculous.’’ In May 2011, Schwarzenegger, 67, publicly admitted bedding family housekeeper Mildred Beana years earlier and fathering her son, now 16.

But Shriver, who didn’t separate from Schwarzenegger until news of his affair broke, latched onto Dowd in 2006, sources said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have shagged the maid — but wife Maria Shriver is no June Cleaver.Shriver stepped out with Dowd, now an ABC analyst, for the first time publicly last month at cousin Bobby Kennedy’s wedding.“Maria likes to make it appear that she’s the victim, but she’s not,” a source said.He's established a strong bond with 18-year-old son Joseph Baena. Our sources say neither is interested in ending the marriage. We're told Arnold and Maria haven't really shared why they continue to stay married.

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(Then again, divorce is pretty much a big no-no, so it's better to grin and bear it, amiright?

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