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: Table of Contents: SSS001 Connecting your Sansa e200 player to a Ubuntu (or any Linux) computer SSS002 Disconnecting your Sansa e200 player from Ubuntu (or any Linux) computer SSS003 Putting Music on your Sansa e200 player in any OS SSS004 Putting Music on Micro SD cards SSS005 Deleting Music on your Sansa e200 player in Ubuntu (not sure about other OS's) SSS006 How to add Album Art with playing songs SSS007 Having Rhythmbox/Banshee recognize Sansa player SSS008 Putting Movies, Pictures, etc.

I can most likely keep posts updated with future releases, but please remember this little detail.

The results of these activities are represented here.

See the project homepage for official Rockbox releases, accompanying documentation and other useful resources related to this excellent software, but here you can find only my apocryphal builds, information about the applied patches and some additional stuff.

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Although if you are here, you probably don't see the nice shiny interface above. This all started for me when a friend got a bag of crap from Woot!

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