Updating bios on eee pc

Thanks Try changing the IDE mode to enhanced - sata as IDE- and the primary IDE Master as auto.After working on one of these for a few hours, my son grabbed it from me and just changed it and it enabled windows to boot again.I have the ROM file for the update on a USB flash drive.

ROM" no matter what FS-type, partition-size, USB-stick and USB-port you use, there is another method to flash the BIOS.

Disclaimer: The following instructions are tested on some Eee PC models. (FAT32 formatted 8GB non-partitioned USB stick was used). Insert the USB stick and the BIOS update proceeds automatically. ROM to a FAT32-formatted 1G (no need to create neither FAT32-type nor 16MB-sized partition) noname USB-stick. ROM", since the 1006 revision of the BIOS for the "900 Linux" model is shipped with a filename of "900-ASUS-1006. I used succesfully a freedos live usb ( with bios .

To see a list of models and there upgrade results scroll down to the "Tested Models" section. Try not to look at it for the several minutes that it appears to be doing nothing. Upon reboot it will request to press F2 to go into setup, as it detects the change in BIOS. Inserted stick into 701SD and hit powerbutton, then Alt F2. ROM and the asus afudos utility (ftp://dlsvr01com/pub/ASUS/mb/flash/AFUDOS236.zip).

Then EZ Flash will run automatically and try to locate the usb drive and read from file 1005HA.

I installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate on my ASUS Eee PC 1000HE netbook, and it's been great.

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For the BIOS, updates are usually for performance so that the computer can maintain compatibility with new technology.

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