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Also block Uplay with firewall (even default Windows' is enough), consult your firewall documention for exact instructions or just google it.Enable "start uplay in offline mode" doesn't stop UPlay from doing updates to Uplay.Many applications in OS X attempt to automatically load like this on login, Skype is another common example of an auto-starting app that can be managed the same way through Login Items.Some other apps will attempt to load when a device is connected too, like Photos app opening when an i Phone or camera memory card is attached to the Mac.The only reliable method to avoid unwanted or unexpected patches is to always run the game in Off-Line mode.

This 'phoning home' occurs every time the game is launched, and is independent of patches.

Hi,just today, I was going to play Team Fortress 2,but suddenly a 3GB update came,and I have slow internet for the next 2 weeks.

Download speed is mainly/average of 6.2KB a second. I'm just going to play with bots in the game so no need for the internet.

I start in 'offline mode' yet I still get these annoying Uplay updates.

I'd like to know how I can stop this totally unnecessary update.

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