Liquidating equity

This information appears on your account statement.

A "customer account" is defined in SEC Rule 15c3-3(a)(1).

Of course, most companies are worth more than the sum of their net assets.

For instance, when a company buys another company, then it records part of the worth of that company as goodwill, equal to the perceived value of the company, usually measured by its market price if it is available, over its net assets.

In the last installment in this series of articles on venture capital deals, I discussed what every entrepreneur needs to know in order to properly assess valuations.

So, after thinking through the various nuances that affect the valuation you have been offered, you are still elated.

These are accounts held by retail and institutional customers.

Hence, whether the valuation of goodwill is accurate will not be known until later.While she managed to stay current on her mortgage, she was forgoing a lot of other saving (and spending) that she’d much rather have been doing. I believe her exact words to describe the situation were: She’s just an acquaintance, so it wasn’t my place to do a whole lot else besides nod and murmur supportively, but here’s the conversation I wished I could have had with her. Since you’ve been struggling to pay the mortgage, have you deferred any maintenance projects around the house? But if you’ve got any deferred maintenance, a buyer’s home inspector will surely find it, and the offer will probably be adjusted down to cover the cost of those improvements.Okay, A, I get that there’s bound to be a relief when you realize that between continuing to pay down your mortgage and the local market’s recovery in your neighborhood, you’ve clawed your way back from 40% negative equity That’s huge, and I applaud you for sticking with it. And they often tend to be over estimates on homes where the owners might have been struggling the past few years. Water and sewer assessments costing thousands were put on many homes in your area of town 10-15 years ago as the water and sewer lines were extended.But just because Zillow says you’re at 0% equity in the house doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to bring any money to the table if you list your house for sale now. Are you still paying the assessment monthly on your water bill? The thing is, even though it only looks like an extra on your water bill every month, that’s actually a structured loan that’s not assignable.That means it’s a loan that you, the seller, will have to pay the balance on in full if you want to sell your house.

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