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They share the same agency in YG which is going to check with the two before responding.

I think Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are so similar in a good way, model turned acting and effortlessly good looking with a cool vibe.

To Osen, a source from the public relations department of Kang Dong Won’s managing agency, YG Entertainment, said: “It is completely untrue.

We checked with Kang Dong Won and he said he has never met that actress even once.

Even more telling was that Lee Sung Kyung immediately deleted that picture from her Instagram.

Now Dispatch has jumped on the easy pickings and released a slew of stakeout pictures showing Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk on dates in and around each other’s residences, all covered up and incognito but still clearly them.

Both, however, have denied the relationship rumors to be true. The journalist cited a quote from an older vocalist as their source of information about the alleged relationship.

Pertaining to K-pop, many rookie groups came on the scene with impressive debuts, including GFriend and TWICE.

Local news agency Osen reports that on March 1, another media source posted an article about dating rumor regarding Kang Dong Won using posts from an online community.

The article talked about Kang Dong Won supposedly dating an actress of the same age.

According to Osen, this was a rumor that kept on appeared as jjirashi (secretly circulated rumors), but disappeared after no evidence supported it.

But the other media source even brought in third party – a middle-aged singer – to say that the person introduced the two actors.

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