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It appears there are some fears and misconceptions that need to be cleared up.

I’ll be the first to admit these are not unfounded: there are certainly vegans I would not want to share a meal with, even as a vegan myself.

Born and raised in Israel off the beautiful coastline city of Haifa, growing up was a continual feast of culture and food.

Surrounded by a variety of cooking styles and authentic delicious dishes, my family gathered daily in our kitchen and shared more than just the food on the table. My passion for quality food began early in life for this very reason.

Tucked away in each family’s archives is The Crab Cake Recipe.

oh hell, it’s more like a ball of crab all spiced up and fried.” Now the crab cake may well be a unifying source of fierce regional pride, but its many recipes produce more squabbling, feuding, and heated family debates than either the local ball club or politics.

I am officially entering the level in which people start to believe it’s not “just a phase” or a “fad diet,” but a sincere lifestyle decision.

These three years of meatless living have aligned with my prime dating years.It was those very ingredients that sparked my love for cooking.They had a story to tell; It was the story of the land and the people who grew them.However, that’s true in every community, and we shouldn’t let the bad apples define every subculture.As a New Yorker (okay, fine, a “transplant”), I am privileged to exist in an environment where veganism is as normal as a spending an extra .30 to add guacamole to your burrito bowl—nobody even questions it.

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