Dating my adult stepdaughter

When a parent remarries adult children face complicated adjustments, divided loyalties, and feelings such as anger at their biological parent, exaggerated grief over the deceased or absent parent, betrayal, loneliness, even robbed of familiar family life."I want to thank you for the outstanding conference this past weekend here in Colorado Springs.

My wife and I attended and found the material helpful and the whole experience quite encouraging.

My wife was significantly older than me, and my stepdaughter is only five years younger than I am.

This past weekend we were getting ready to have dinner, and she told me she was starting to have romantic feelings for me.

When there is a loyalty bind, nothing's worse than stepmom bending over backwards to win the kids over. Larry Ganong and Marilyn Coleman found that such stepchildren and adult stepchildren are especially rejecting of a stepmother they find warm and appealing, as she elicits tremendously conflicted feelings. Children may become remarkably close to their parents post-divorce, and used to having mom and dad "all to myself." Adult children may develop an intense, peer-like relationship with a single parent, making adjustment to a stepparent tough.

With a preadolescent or adolescent girl, possessiveness and jealousy will pose an even bigger problem, psychologist Mavis Hetherington found.

There are no illusions the second time around in relation to the marriage, though there may be a few in relation to the family.All stepfamilies are different but they share common vulnerabilities.They can be as rich, warm, loving and wonderful as any other family.We were married for just over 10 years, and she had two children from a prior marriage who are now grown.We had no children together, but I had the privilege of being part of her children’s lives. Her daughter lives near me and has been a constant companion through my grieving, spending most Sundays at my house since her mother’s passing.

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Anyone have any advice for me on how to deal with my husbands adult children after the death of their mother?

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