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So, as a single woman looking for love, find ways to shore up your confidence to heighten your desirability.

Check out these 10 tips to boost your self-confidence.1. Many women don't change their hair style for five or more years at a time.

Think about it: do you connect more with someone who acts like she has her life totally together and is perfect, or with a friend who isn’t afraid to bare her soul to you and show you she’s human…just like you? They long to relate to another and feel a connection just the same. And being with a woman who isn’t afraid to show it is a breath of fresh air.

Here’s how to boost your confidence and open yourself up to a real connection with a man.

And since you're looking for a mate, never keep dating a girl simply for companionship or sex. Don't e-mail her or leave a message more than once before receiving a response (and no drunk-dialing).

Cut your losses the minute you know she's not "the one" (don't worry, she's out there). If she doesn't call you back, she's not interested—it's really that simple.

Working out on your own or with a trainer helps you feel so much better about yourself. Many women berate themselves for every little mistake.

Plus, exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins that help you feel good naturally.5. If you want to be treated right, start by treating yourself well! Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint, speak French, or know about ancient history? Leading a rich and interesting life helps you feel more confident about who you are and what you have to offer the opposite sex.7. This may sound too simple, but it's totally true. And if you smile at the men who walk past you, you could make his day and yours! But how often to you praise yourself for a job well done?

With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

If you’re on e Harmony, then you believe you deserve a great relationship and are doing what you can to find it.

But we’re all prone to getting nervous when we meet someone new, especially when we really like them and think they could be “the one”.

But despite his bad glasses, big nose, and stuttering speech, he has no problem scoring.

Sure, it's only a movie—and you know he's the writer—but it's believable because he's always himself, without apologies.

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Getting a new cut or color gives you a fresh new look that can help you feel younger and much more attractive.2. Work with a makeup artist who can show you the best colors and application methods to accent your natural beauty.

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