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The population of the European Union, with some five hundred million residents, accounts for two thirds of the European population.Both Spain and the United Kingdom are special cases, in that the designation of nationality, Spanish and British, may controversially take ethnic aspects, subsuming various regional ethnic groups, see nationalisms and regionalisms of Spain and native populations of the United Kingdom.New elements are recognisable by their sharp-edged carving.

Three years later, he proclaimed himself sultan following the death of his former master, the Zengid ruler Nur al-Din.

Local craftsmen were trained in traditional building and conservation techniques.

A new Visitor Centre and Site Museum tell the story of the site, and display artefacts and architectural elements found there.

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Don't have any good current ones but I'll work on...

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  1. She became the first female candidate to be nominated for president by a major U. In 1995, Clinton claimed that her mother had named her after Sir Edmund Hillary, co-first mountaineer to scale Mount Everest, and that was the reason for the less common "two Ls" spelling of her name.